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Affordable, quaint, and comfortable, a stay at Arnott’s Lodge in Hilo along the eastern side of the Big Island of Hawaii provides the comforts of home with a hands-off, rustic philosophy. And while you may not be able to enjoy the level of amenities found elsewhere on the Big Island, Arnott’s Lodge has everything you need to enjoy a slow, relaxed Hawaiian adventure.

With beautiful, classic decor and plenty of natural communal spaces on the property, guests can enjoy a relaxing vacation before and after their outdoor and sightseeing adventures in one of the most beautiful areas in all of Hawaii.

Company Description
Locally-owned and owner operated, Arnott’s Lodge and Hiking Adventures aims to provide a humble, familiar stay for guests to the Big Island. Warm and accommodating, the team makes every effort to ensure your stay with Arnott’s Lodge is as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Tour Descriptions

Tour information was current when posted but is subject to change.

Valleys and Waterfalls
Taking you through many scenic valleys and waterfalls found along the Big Island’s Kohala and Hamakua regions, this tour promises an affordable, memorable adventure the whole family can enjoy.
$95 per person plus taxes and fees

Mauna Kea Summit
Fri-Mon, Wed
An afternoon tour of Mauna Kea, you’ll begin in Hilo and head to the visitor’s center to learn more about the scientific and cultural importance of this sacred region.
$180 per person plus taxes and fees

Mauna Kea Day Tour
Fri-Mon, Wed
For a daytime tour of the world’s largest dormant volcano, this is your perfect, family-friendly option. Beginning in Hilo and ascending nearly 3,000 feet, you’ll learn about the culture and tradition of the volcanoes and why they’re so essential to modern astronomy.
$150 per person plus taxes and fees

Volcano Twilight Adventure
Sun, Tues, Thurs
Arriving just as the sun sets along Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, you and your group will witness the beauty of Kilauea’s ever-emitting lava vents and enjoy the warm glow against the dark, starry night sky.
$105 per person plus taxes and fees

Kilauea Iki Crater Hike and Rainbow Falls
Mon, Wed-Fri
You’ll visit the world’s most active volcano in Kilauea, hike throughout the stunning crater, and earn plenty of photo opportunities around beautiful Rainbow Falls near Hilo.
$125 per person plus taxes and fees

Puna, Frozen Fire Tour
Mon, Wed-Fri
Offering an incredible sightseeing tour of the southern reaches of the Big Island, you’ll begin at Rainbow Falls before heading south and exploring the black sand and lava stretches that span much of this dynamic region.
$105 per person plus taxes and fees

Guests at Arnott’s Lodge can enjoy a $20 per person discount on each tour.

(808) 339-0921

98 Apapane Road
Hilo, Hawaii 96720

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