High Fire Hawaii Gallery & Studio

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Located on Hilo’s Bayfront, you will find High Fire Hawaii Gallery and Studio, where they promote and foster contemporary Big Island art. Local Hawaiian artists celebrate traditional methods of ceramic design and production in their studio. Ceramic pieces are completed using hand-building or wheel throwing techniques taught in the Hilo teaching facility in various classes and workshops.

In the gallery, art enthusiasts will appreciate the works of Clayton Amemiya’s, Anagama wood-fired pottery, Jacob Arthur Medina’s internationally-renowned paintings and prints and Joe Laceby’s Cyanotype printing technique where physical, surface reorganization transpires when iron salts react to UV Light. Many of the featured artists work is strongly influenced by the natural environment of the island and Hawaii’s volcanic history.

223A Kilauea Ave
Hilo, HI 96720

(808) 935-8380


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