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Glass Artist, Daniel Moe at Moe Hot Glass fell in love with glass as a powerful medium because of “its fluidity, its ability as matter, communicating its own life” congruent with nature.

Born in St. Paul Minnesota, Daniel received his Fine Arts Degree in Hot Glass from The University of Wisconsin. He then studied at the world-renowned Pilchuck Glass School in Washington state founded in 1971 by glass artist, Dale Chihuly and patrons Anne and John Hauberg. Developed by Chihuly as a center for “artists teaching artists” Pilchuck is known as the world’s most comprehensive center for glass art education, where Daniel continues to support their glass art programs today.

Daniel’s mastery in harnessing glass’ chameleon-like matter into nature’s masterworks are celebrated in his collections such as: the Kohala’s Winter Waters vase series inspired by the migration of ocean’s gentle giants – the humpback whale; The Puako Petroglyph vase series inspired by the Puako Petroglyph Archaeological District, where over 3000 carvings represent ancient sailing culture, animals, families and symbols associated with ancient deities; and the Queen Bee Vessel series celebrating the honey bee, and its figure-eight “waggle dance” rendered with honeycomb architecture as its backdrop. Daniel’s awe-inspiring creations are presented to the eye in color pallets of blues, greens, yellows and reds with dancing light making them almost speak to the viewer, “like poetry.”

With fluid forms inspired by the Fire Goddess, Pele and her masterpiece Kilauea, Daniel has managed to capture the power of the magma’s flow in The Lava Crust Kilauea Vase, The Black Kilauea Surface Vase and The Halema’u ma’u Crater Vase series. As an ancient Hawaiian deity Pele holds a special significance in traditional Hawaiian culture: ruler of fire, lightning, volcanoes, wind, and creator of all the Hawaiian Islands. Looking at Daniel’s renderings inspired by nature’s art, you can feel the heat of Pele’s raw creation of new land.

It’s no wonder why Daniel’s work has been shown at the Volcano Art Center for 16 years. His work is also represented by some of the best art galleries on the Islands of Hawaii and Las Vegas: Genesis Gallery, Martin & MacArthur Art Gallery, Kona Oceanfront Fine Art Gallery, Sargent’s Fine Art, Ackerman Galleries, Wy’s Gallery, Art House and Sunshine Arts Gallery. Moe Fine art also hosts studio tours and private clients-commissions.

As a world-renowned glass artist, Daniel is inspired by his Business Partner and wife Maria and their two daughters. Watching Daniel and his steadfast team of assistants and apprentices resourcefully nurture his imaginations into life is supreme synchronicity.

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