Paradise Meadows Orchard and Bee Farm

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Scott Buske moved to the Big Island from Oahu with the goal of finding a parcel of land where he and his family could spread out. Following an extensive search, he found 75 idyllic acres in the South Point KaLae area with an outbuilding, water and electricity.

After shearing down stocks of 18 foot high cane grass, to his merriment, Scott discovered the land he purchased was filled with a bounty of fruit, avocado, coffee trees and even bee hives. The property would not only become his home, but also his future family farm.

For the next 2 years, the Buske family painstakingly worked to clear around the trees that were congested by vines so the orchards could flourish. His family’s farming enterprise began with bees, and has increased to include coffee, macadamia nuts and an aquaponics greenhouse in which a large variety of vegetables are produced.

Their farm stand is open 7 days a week from 9:00 am-5:30 pm. Touring the farm, you can meet their parrot rescues, sample some of their home-grown products and learn about their use of progressive agricultural methods while free-range Muscovy ducklings waddle about your feet.

Paradise meadows is also home to artist Megan Collins where her work covers the walls of their farmhouse. Enjoy her renderings while you sip on a cup of “Hawaii’s Local Buzz” award-winning Hawaiian Ka’u Coffee, with home-baked shortbread cookies dipped in a variety of honeys. Their macadamia nuts are dehydrated, not dry-roasted allowing for a crunchy, natural taste.

93-2199 S Point Rd
Naalehu, HI 96772

(808) 929-9148

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