Sea Dandelion Cafe and Awa Bar

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Sea Dandelion Cafe and Awa Bar Overview

Sea Dandelion Cafe and Awa Bar is a family run business serving healthy, nutritious plant-based food and beverages locally sourced from the Hawaiian Islands. All dishes are vegan, except for a couple that have the option of local raw honey added. For refreshments, they have a nice selection of raw juices, the Velvet Bananacado is popular. Big Island Kombucha is on-tap and flavors vary week to week or relax with a little awa from a coconut shell.

Front of the Sea Dandelion Cafe and Awa Bar

Awa or Kava is a traditional Polynesian beverage made from the roots of the awa plant and water. The Sea Dandelion cafe menu includes soups, salads, and sandwiches. Some popular items include the veggie poke, the taro burger and the mac nut butter and banana sandwich. Do not forget to try their coconut cream based gelato and sorbets. Indoor and outdoor seating is available and they do not accept credit cards.

Business Hours
Mon 11:45 AM-6 PM
Tues 11:30 AM-4:15 PM
Thurs 11:45 AM-6 PM
Fri 4:30 PM-9 PM
Sat 12 PM-6 PM
Sun 12 PM-3:45 PM


(802) 765-0292

Sea Dandelion Cafe and Awa Bar Address & Map
45-3590 Mamane St
Honokaa, HI 96727

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