Your Big Island Guides

james-nicki-helicopterOur first introduction to Hawaii came two decades ago while visiting family who lived on the islands. From that very first visit, Hawaii and the Hawaiian Culture held a special place in our hearts. We felt drawn back to the islands again and again until we eventually decided that we needed to make the Big Island our full time home. is a digital travel guide we created to bring together our love of Hawaii with our passion for travel and our background in technology and marketing to help promote the Big Island. Our intent was to help make the visitor experience easier by exploring, researching and providing up to date travel information about the island in digital format.

The Big Island fits an adventurer spirit perfectly and we love exploring every corner of our amazing home to share it with you. For us, the connection to the natural world on the Big Island is one of the biggest draws and is truly awe-inspiring. From pristine oceans to soaring volcanic mountains, this island has many of the world’s most breathtaking reminders of the power of nature. If you have a heart for exploration, we can help you find a paradise of things to do here.

The island is an ever-evolving place and there is always more to learn. We are excited that we have the opportunity to responsibly promote the place we love most while continuing our education of the history, culture, and environment. We hope that sharing our knowledge with visitors helps spread an understanding about why Hawaii is so special and how to enjoy it while helping to preserve the natural and cultural treasures it holds.

Whether you’re visiting us for the first time or you travel here often, our sincerest hope is to help you enjoy your time on the Big Island and create lasting memories of this amazing place. In the spirit of Aloha, we welcome you to the Big Island and wish you a wonderful adventure.