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Visitors to the Big Island can generally agree on one thing: the incredible, diverse selection of food available throughout the Big Island dining scene. World-class chefs, local tastemakers, and island-specific dishes exist around seemingly every corner and it’s not uncommon for a recommendation from a local to take you across the island chasing a memorable meal.

Because of the climate and the remoteness of the Hawaiian Islands, fresh, local ingredients are a recurring theme you find throughout every type of dining establishment. From locally sourced produce, fresh caught fish and grass-fed beef, the ingredients in your meal rarely travel far before they hit your plate.

There is also a fantastic fusion of flavors on the Big Island, stemming from the diversity of the people who call the island home. From traditional Hawaiian food, authentic Thai food, classic Italian, French Bistros, to Pacific Fusion and delicious Sushi, the Big Island is a food lovers playground.

Like most tourist destinations, if you stay within the most populated areas, you will find mostly traditional food choices with a few uniques options, but just a bit of adventuring off the beaten path will open up a host of new dining experiences.

Casual Dining
The food truck and food hut movement has been good to Big Island dining. Around nearly every corner and certainly near every major tourist attraction is a locally-owned food truck or food hut with incredible offerings on the cheap. Breweries, cafes, and burger joints keep the island fed without breaking the bank – a welcome experience in Hawaii.

Fine Dining
On the backs of high-end, luxury resorts came the appetite for fine dining on the Big Island, but the chefs and culture of delicious, satisfying food was here long ago. A perfect symbiosis of demand and talent means visitors to the Big Island are rewarded with unforgettable dining experiences from world-renowned, creative chefs.

Big Island Coffee Shops
Home to the only coffee farms in the United States, Hawaii’s reputation as a coffee powerhouse is only improved by the incredibly talented and creative coffee gurus located throughout the Big Island. As long as their beans are locally sourced, you’re ensured a delicious cup no matter where you go.

Big Island Local Favorites
A little insider’s assistance can go a long way – especially when it comes to food. We’ve asked Big Islanders for their favorite eating destinations. From coffee to quick bites to a full-fledged, high-end dinner.

Big Island Nightlife
As one would expect from the Big Island, things tend to wind down after sunset, but that doesn’t mean your adventure is over. Amazing restaurants, bars, clubs, luaus and music abound once the sun goes down. For those craving something more low key, manta ray viewing, stargazing, or a walk on the beach are within easy reach of most major hotels and resorts.

Dinner Events on the Big Island
Stepping away from your typical day-to-day is what a visit to the Big Island is all about. A far cry from the traditional restaurant experience via a luau, barbecue, or outdoor celebration isn’t just possible here, it’s encouraged. So gather up family and friends and get celebrating!

Breweries on the Big Island
Home to the colossal Kona Brewing Company, locally-made beer on the Big Island has made a serious mark on the craft beer industry. But while a visit to Kona’s taproom and brew facility is a must-see for beer fanatics, smaller, regional breweries are creating unique and delicious beer all over the island.

Treats & Bakeries on the Big Island
Most visitors consider Hawaiian shave ice the local treat of the Big Island, but small creameries and bakeries have made a visit to Hawaii’s largest island a sweet tooth’s delight. Before you head out, be sure to stock up on locally-made malasadas – you’ll be happy you did.

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