Ziplining on the Big Island: A Complete Overview

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A family-friendly outdoor activity, ziplining is an adrenaline-filled way of seeing the natural wonders of Hawaii’s Big Island in a fun an exciting activity. Zipping through the lush, tropical rainforests of the Big Island, these ziplines are constructed above canyons, jungles, open meadows, and dense forested terrain. Only a zipline tour allows visitors to witness these natural features while soaring above them between 30-200 feet in the air. Like so many activities on the Big Island, it’s a fun and memorable experience that won’t be easily replicated elsewhere.

What’s a zipline tour like?
The term zipline tour begs the question: just how many ziplines could there be? Answer: plenty, and you’ll likely be ferried between multiple locations in order to experience the vastness of the Big Island from the air. That’s why you should carefully research each zipline tour company and see just how much access they have to a variety of areas through the island before making a decision.

Most zipline tours last multiple hours, with several scenic points being connected throughout the experience. You’ll see lush tropical rainforests on one trip, waterfalls on the next, and deep, mountainous valleys to follow. Most tour operators promise between 5-8 different ziplines per tour and some include swimming at waterfalls or other optional items.

Heights vary between 30 and 200 ft above ground, with speeds reaching up to 35 mph. Not for the faint of heart or those who fear heights, but each zipline company touts being licensed and insured with safety at the forefront of their tour packages.

How much does it cost?
Depending on the season and tour, prices for a zipline tour range between $175-$285 per adult. Prices for children ages 8-12 average about 15-20% lower than the cost of an adult ticket. Much of the cost variation depends on which package you choose and how many lines are included.

Available Zipline Tours on the Big Island
There are plenty of zipline tour companies on the Big Island, so it pays to shop around for the best deal. You’ll want to consider a few factors: location, accessibility, and price. While a zipline tour on the other side of the island may offer more variety in the environment, the cost and time spent traveling may turn you toward another option closer to where you’re staying. Most of the tours are on the Hamakua and Northern Kohala coasts.

Hilo & Hamakua Zipline Tours

Hawaii Zipline Tours
Near Akaka Falls
Avg. price per person: $180

Umauma Experience Tours
31-313 Old Mamalahoa Highway
Hakalau, Hawaii 96710
Avg. price per person: $200 – $285

Zip Isle at Botanical World
31-240 Old Mamalahoa Highway
Hakalau, Hawaii 96710
Avg. price per person: $177

Waimea and Kohala Zipline Tours

Kohala Zipline
55-515 Hawi Road
Hawi, HI 96719
Avg. price per person: $200 – $270
Kohala Zipline Canopy Tour and the associated Kohala Zip and Dip offer multiple ziplining tours along the Big Islands rugged, geographically diverse northern region.

*Tours and pricing were accurate at time of writing, but are subject to change.

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