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Visit the Farmers Market in Ka’u

If you’re on the southern end of the Big Island on a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday Morning, make sure to stop into the Naalehu Farmers Market. The Ka’u region is a very large and minimally populated area of the Big Island that doesn’t have any large hotels or resorts but has a few small communities with limited shopping and dining options. Ka’u does however, contain much of the rich agricultural land of Mauna Loa, which has been used for sugar, coffee and macadamia nut production over the years.

The Ka’u district is located on the very southern tip of the Big Island, and contains a variety of beautiful and colorful beaches, much of Volcanoes National Park, and Ka Lae, the southernmost point in the United States. This region is also home to one of the most famous beaches in the state; Punaluu Black Sand Beach, with sparkling black sand crystals and sea turtles resting on it’s shores.

Naalehu Farmers Market at OKK Marketplace
The primary residential areas in Ka’u are the picturesque towns of Naalehu and Pahala. Here you can find shopping, restaurants and a wonderful, small Farmers Market called the Naalehu Farmers Market. This market celebrates fresh, locally grown food with the goal to support the local community.

Bring some cash with you and save money by purchasing Hawaiian grown fruit and produce. There is usually a good selection of bananas, coconuts, potatoes, salad greens, fruits, nuts, long green beans, beets, cauliflower, grass-fed meats coffee and home-baked breads. Being thousands of miles closer to your food source, a farmers market shopper can really benefit from the quality, variety, and freshness!

Wednesday and Saturday 8am – Noon
OKK Marketplace
On Hwy 11 in Naalehu

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