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Arguably the best established and well-equipped bike rental and tour company operating near Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Volcano Bike Tours prides itself on maintaining a friendly, affordable rental experience as well as a memorable tour portfolio to keep you and your party entertained and excited throughout.

With daily bike tours of the major highlights throughout Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, your van driver and tour leaders will accompany you throughout the adventure, ensuring your safety, enjoyment, and education. Well-versed in Hawaiian history and culture as well as the latest in first aid training, you’ll be led by native Hawaiians equipped with a breadth of history about the volcanic activity, the park itself, and the island as a whole.

For a memorable, remarkable tour experience that’s certain to leave you hurting the next morning, Volcano Bike Tours is the perfect answer to your active Big Island tour needs.

Company Description
A convenient and reliable option for those seeking adventure in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Volcano Bike Tours provides all the equipment, support, and guidance you need to make the most of your experience in this dynamic, ever-changing natural gem.

Tour info was accurate when posted, but is subject to change.

Bike Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
$155+ per person
Approximately: 15 Mile – 5 hour bike tour
A full-day adventure throughout Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, this guided experience helps you enjoy the finest attractions in the park.

Bike Volcano Summit Tour
$135+ per person
Approximately: 9 mile – 3 hour tour
A leisurely, guided experience in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, this tour introduces you to the highlights within the park.

Bike to Pele Tour
$155+ per person
Daily from 10 AM-3 PM
Explore the east rift zone and see the new eruption area, as well as black sand beaches and the red road.

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