Magic Sands Beach at White Sands Beach Park in Kailua Kona

White Sands – Magic Sands Beach Park

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Looking for an afternoon at the beach near Kailua-Kona? Try White Sands Beach Park, it’s Magical.

Originally known as White Sands beach park, this area has become known as Magic Sands Beach. The name is derived from the beach’s tendency to completely vanish overnight. Here’s why; during high surf, the ocean undercuts the beach and carries the sand away, revealing the dark lava rock below. When the swell ceases, the ocean currents slowly move the sand back onto the shore. Although this renewal can take several weeks, the recurring flush of the sand keeps it clean.
Coconut Palms at Magic Sands Beach, White Sands Beach Park

Magic Sands Beach Proximity to Kona
Magic Sands Beach is situated about 3 miles south of Kailua-Konaʻs downtown. It is a convenient stop for those looking to experience both the water and the many shops, beach side bars, and delicious dining options in downtown Kona. Located along Alii Drive in south Kailua-Kona, the beach is surrounded by condominium rentals and right next door to Magic’s Beach Grill. Its shores are framed with coconut palms and lava rocks.

View of Magic Sands Beach from Magics Beach Bar & Grill

This small patch of paradise known as Magic Sands Beach Park is perfectly suited for the beachgoer looking to have it all; history, water activities, and city amenities all within easy reach. Magic Sands beach has all the benefits of a picturesque Hawaiian beach experience, with the convenience of a neighborhood park. Convenience does tend to come with crowds, so note that this beach can get a bit crowded at prime times and on weekends.

Surfing at Magic Sands, White Sands Beach Park, Kona Hawaii

Magic Sands Beach Activities and Conditions
Closer to the shoreline, the sandy ocean bottom has a gradual decline. Within the protected areas along the rocky barriers, there are swimming opportunities. In the summer months, the swimming conditions are often calm, but during southern swells and the winter months, ocean conditions can make for a heavy shore break where rip currents can pull swimmers into the open ocean or knock you into the exposed rocks. This shore break creates good conditions for boogie boarding which is a favorite local pastime at this beach. This is one of the Big Island beaches with a lifeguard tower.

Large Shore Break at Magic Sands Beach at White Sands Beach Park in Kailua Kona

Area History
Magic Sands overlooks La’aloa Bay. La’aloa is a sacred area just south of the beach, with many culturally and historically significant sites, namely the ruins of Haukalua Heiau (an Ancient Hawaiian temple). The stone structure was partially removed, and a ceremonial platform of “lele” was designed and built by descendants of the ancient Hawaiians who resided in the area. Preservation and improvements were underway throughout 2023.

Magic Sands Beach Park Hours
Daily 6 AM-11 PM

Picnic Area
Outdoor Showers

White Sands / Magic Sands Beach Location and Map
77-648177 Alii Dr
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

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