Alternative Lodging Near Volcanoes National Park

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Finding Alternative Lodging near Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
One of the biggest attractions on the Big Island is easily Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Replete with incredible access to active lava flows, immense volcanic craters, and unbelievable scenic views, there’s plenty of reasons to spend a few days exploring all the park has to offer. But the lack of accommodations within the park can be detrimental to a long-term adventure, which is why we’ve put together this guide to alternative housing and lodging within easy reach of the park.

Rent a Vacation Home
No matter which booking service you use, you’ve got a wide breadth of vacation rentals at your disposal for a Hawaii Volcanoes National Park stay. The island is teeming with amazing vacation homes that range from single bedroom to hale-style, multi-room houses that will accommodate a large party. And with neighboring Volcano Village, nearby Pahoa and Ka’u, and easily accessible Hilo each just a short drive from the park, there’s plenty of options to suit your party’s needs.

Stay at Volcano House
One of the most famous non-corporate overnight stays is at the Volcano House in Volcano Village. Located across the street from the park’s visitor’s center, there’s simply no better place to call home during an adventure through the park – if you can manage to book a room. It’s an immensely popular spot, so booking well in advance is highly recommended.

Consider a Hostel
There is a popular hostel within a 30 minute drive of the park. The Hilo Bay Hostel in downtown Hilo is a great option for the budgetary-constrained tourist. A stay at this particular hostel allows you easy access to dining and attractions in Hilo, but is a little bit of a drive to the park. However, it’s a great way to meet new people and stay in a gorgeous environment for little-to-nothing.

Go Camping
Aside from the plentiful state and county campgrounds within easy reach of the park, there are two well-established campsites within the park itself, so if you’re inclined to sleep under the stars during your Big Island stay, this is the perfect opportunity.

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