Ahalanui Hot Pond at Pualaa County Park

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2018 UPDATE: Ahalanui Hot Pond
The Ahalanui Hot Pond has been affected by the 2018 Volcanic Eruption. This area has been covered by the active lava flow originating from Fissure 8 and is closed to the public. The hot pool and Pualaa County Park has been destroyed by an active flow of lava that continues to change the face of this small area of the Big Island. Black sand beaches, small off shore islands, and an ever evolving coastline is currently being formed by the Kilauea Eruption and only time will tell what this area will become.

Ahalanui Hot Pond and Pualaa County Park Overview

Well-maintained, perfectly situated, with plenty of shaded areas for relaxation and play, the Ahalanui Hot Pond at Pualaa County Park is the ideal alternative for those seeking a water experience without the oceanic temperament.

Ahalanui Hot Pond is a thermal-heated, spring-fed swimming pool with man-made walkways, ladder entries and a cement barrier protecting it from the powerful ocean breaks. The ocean waves are beautiful to watch crashing over the barrier into the volcanically-heated pool. The pond has an egress along the cement barrier flushing the ocean water through the thermal waters regularly making for a natural rinsing of the thermal spring. Depending on the tide, the water temperature varies from warm to luke-warm.

Ahalanui Hot Pond’s water is brackish (half salt water and half spring water) and the bottom is a mix of sand and thermal mud, emanating a minor sulfur aroma. With easy access to the natural pool area and plenty of space for a picnic or family outing in the park near the water’s edge, this natural hot pond keeps things simple and relaxed in this ocean-fed, man-made paradise.

Crowds & Water Quality
Pualaa County Park can get crowded on the weekends, so we suggest arriving early to ensure parking. Or come on a weekday to avoid the crowd. Because of the heavy use and higher temperatures in the pond, you will see signs warning to avoid going into the pool with open cuts. This is good advice, as it could make you susceptible to an infection as the warm water encourages bacterial growth.

The cleanliness of this pool varies greatly and we’ve seen it when it’s really clean and when it’s in rougher shape depending on the crowd. Look around and use your own judgement of the current condition based on what you see when you arrive. An additional option for those looking to enjoy geothermal fun with more of an ocean mix and good snorkeling, the Kapoho Tide Pools are only 1.5 miles north and make for a great addition to your day.

7 AM-7 PM

Outdoor Shower
Picnic Tables

Hwy 137
14-5363 Kalapana-Kapoho Rd
Pahoa, HI 96778

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