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One of the few airplane tour companies operating on the Big Island, Big Island Air offers an incredible scenic experience towering above the stunning natural attractions Hawaii’s youngest island has to offer. Encompassing the entire island, each tour highlights the series of volcanoes, waterfalls, dense rain forests, and staggering rural mountain valleys found to the Big Island’s northern side.

Experienced and well-practiced, this aerial tour is among the smoothest on the Big Island. You’ll be kept abreast of every point of note as well as the history of each site, but your true benefit comes in seeing the active lava flows along the Big Island’s southern tip. Beautiful and breathtaking, the experience of witnessing creation itself from above offers not only fantastic photographic opportunities, but memories that will last a lifetime.

For an unforgettable aerial tour that your family will cherish for a lifetime, Big Island Air offers the best value Hawaii has to offer.

Company Description
With expert pilots and state-of-the-art small aircraft, Big Island Air offers exclusive opportunities for aerial tours of the Big Island for up to nine passengers. Equipped with air conditioning and extra interior space, the comfort and reliability offered by Big Island Air is unparalleled.

Kona International Airport
Commuter Air Terminal
73-103 U’u Street
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

Tour Descriptions

Tour information was current when posted but is subject to change.

Circle Island Tour
Encompasses the entire Big Island, all five volcanoes, cascading waterfalls, colorful beaches, and staggering mountain valleys.
Departs from Kona $345 per person

Sunset Tour
A sunset tour of the Kona coast, the Kilauea Volcano, colorful beaches, and the setting sun along the western side of the Big Island.
Departs from Kona $388 per person

(808) 329-4868

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