Cafe 100

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Serving delicious Hawaiian comfort food since 1946, Cafe 100 is a great walk-up style fast food eatery conveniently located in Hilo. Known for their incredible food options including over 30 different loco moco options, numerous plate lunches, including the beef stew plate, and the Korean fried chicken plate as well as burgers and sandwiches. You know that when you dine at Cafe 100, you will be getting a tasty meal that is affordable and quick, and you will leave satisfied.

Serving as a great breakfast or lunch spot, Cafe 100 is known for serving huge portions at very inexpensive prices, and is a real favorite among locals in the Hilo area. Some other specialties at Cafe 100 include the mahi sandwich which is served with two pieces of fresh mahi-mahi, the island girl plate which is tasty flank steak and battered shrimp. They even serve french fries, Hawaiian fruit punch, turnovers, and have great daily specials! The atmosphere here isn’t anything special so grab your food and head over to a nearby park to eat. Fast and friendly service and delicious comfort food, what’s not to love at Cafe 100?

Business Hours
Mon-Fri 9:30AM – 7:00PM


969 Kilauea Ave
Hilo, HI 96720

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