Consider Ka’u for a Unique, Low Cost Hawaii Vacation

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Little-known Ka’u along the Big Island’s southern region isn’t known for its tourist-friendly accommodations, but it does offer the option of a low cost hawaii vacation. Vast, sparsely populated, and mostly agricultural in its economic output, Ka’u is more of a haven for locals than it is likely to appear on a “Top 5 Things to Do in Hawaii” list. But that doesn’t mean Ka’u isn’t worth visiting – the opposite may be true for those traveling on a budget.

Why Ka’u?

Ka’u is famously undeveloped, especially compared to the rest of the Hawaiian islands. Boasting the largest undeveloped coastline in all of Hawaii, the people of Ka’u are vocal, organized, and protective of their home, stopping many a development project over the years. This means guests to Ka’u enjoy a look back at mid-20th century island life that’s quickly disappearing from the Big Island. Huge, uninterrupted fields of fruit and vegetable crops line every roadway and there are very few hotel options, meaning the casual tourist isn’t likely to give up their luxury room in the resort areas for the alternative. Those that do provide lodging are generally very competitively priced.


Discover Ka’u Accommodations on VRBO

Featuring unique properties and lodging experiences with a Big Island twist, a stay in Ka’u is sure to make for a memorable vacation. If you’re looking to connect with the Big Island’s rich agricultural community, you’ll find working macadamia nut farms, tropical fruit orchards, and farm stays featuring unique flora and fauna right out your door.

If you want to visit area attractions, look for a place within easy distance of Green Sand Beach, South Point, or Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. If you’re looking for a more condo style stay, Sea Mountain Resort is the only resort located in Ka’u and is just steps away from Punalu’u Black Sand Beach. From natural wonders, to swimming, hiking, and more, Ka’u is a great option to explore and enjoy the beauty of the Big Island’s southern coast without breaking the bank.

Activities in Ka’u

Punalu’u Black Sand Beach
One of the most famous black sand beaches in the world, Punalu’u shines like black gold, a result of the centuries of volcanic activity on the Big Island. Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles (honu) call the beach home and can often be encountered morning, noon, or night.

Ka Lae
Widely considered to be the first landing spot and settlement of the Big Island by Polynesian explorers as far back as 200 A.D., Ka Lae is also known as the southern point of the Big Island and represents the southernmost point in the United States. Aside from the historical significance, Ka Lae is also a world-class deep sea fishing location for anglers.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
The proximity of Ka’u to the world-famous Hawaii Volcanoes National Park makes it an ideal destination for first-time or returning visitors to the Big Island who have yet to experience the wonders of the park for themselves. With crater tours, extensive hiking trails, and up-close looks at lava flows, a trip to the Big Island is simply incomplete without a stop at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

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