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If you think there’s nothing like going to the movie theater and enjoying the latest blockbuster with a bowl of buttered popcorn and a soda, think again! At Waikoloa Luxury Cinemas, you can enjoy the newest release with a plate of Lollipop Lamb Chops and a rich glass of Italian Cabernet. The only thing missing in this upscale Cinema is the blinding flash of the paparazzi along the red carpet.

As moviegoers enter the complex through a beautiful modern lobby, they will be able to select their movie and seating options at the front counter, choosing specific seats. They are then greeted by the concession stand and a full-service bar that features craft beer, wine, and tropical cocktails.

A few more steps leads to the “Bistro at the Cinemas.” This large outdoor lanai lounge, is a full-service restaurant, serving appetizers, salads, hand-made pizzas, gourmet street tacos and deserts with live music nightly adding to the Waikoloa Beach Resort nightlife. Also available is a dine-in policy where all food and beverages can be delivered to your pre-reserved luxury, leather loveseat if you prefer.

The theatre has three expansive auditoriums with  85-100 seats each, offering a leading-edge sound and projection experience: including three, 6’ foot speaker systems with giant subwoofer, surround sound and projection equipment, offering Real 3-D technology. The seats are very comfortable and offer excellent views from every  vantage you could wish for.

Waikoloa Luxury Cinemas new entertainment venue is located in Queen’s Marketplace. The concept was developed by Tony Dalzel and supported by theater consultant Scott Stalcup, who has overseen more than 100 projects for AMC Theaters. “The luxury cinema concept has proven to be quite a hit on the Mainland,” says Daizel. “So, we decided that would be our business model here.” The venue is also available to rent for events, concerts, and live performances.

Ticket Pricing
Evening tickets: $18.50
Matinee, seniors and children: $15.50
Early bird (1st showing of the day): $12.50
3D tickets will have a $3 surcharge per ticket
*Tickets are non-refundable

Queen’s Marketplace
69-201 Waikoloa Beach Drive, Suite G1
Waikoloa, HI 96738

Website and Online Reservations

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