Banyan Gallery

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Banyan Drive in Hilo, Hawaii beholds some of the most beautiful and largest Banyan trees you will ever lay your eyes upon. Nestled along this magical journey you will find The Banyan Gallery. The gallery features an impressive collection of local artisans producing everything from paintings, printmaking, handcrafts, and jewelry to gourds, wood carving and pottery. If you’re looking for true Hawaiian art, this is a wonderful place to find it

The Banyan Gallery also serves as a working studio, featuring artwork and gourd handcraft by Island artist Jelena Clay. In addition to the color and shape of each gourd, the island’s magic and culture hold endless inspiration in her renderings. Using pyrography, stains, dyes, acrylics, clay and epoxy, her hula dancers, vases, wall art and jewelry make for a rare treat.

71 Banyan Drive
Unit D
Hilo, HI 96720

(808) 960-8848


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