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At Kohala Coast Fine Art, artistic expression is complemented and appreciated through original oil and watercolor renderings, ceramic and glass sculptures and unique handcrafted jewelry adorned with exotic stones, hand-made glass beads and rare, natural south sea pearls.

Albert Einstein once stated that “creativity is contagious, pass it on.” At Kohala Coast Fine Art, they do just that by providing art lovers an endless supply of creative works to enjoy. Hawaiian landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, and culture are celebrated by notable, island artists such as Alex Gupton, Clint Sloan, Steve Neill, Eric Tore, Christina Skaggs and many more.

Kohala Coast Fine art hosts receptions with world-renowned artists sponsored by Tommy Bahama and A-Bays allowing the viewer to see ‘art in action’ and meet these talented individuals representing the beauty of the Big Island. Of special mention is the work by the artist, Alex Gupton, whose bronze sculptures and mosaic pen and ink renderings are well-known globally for their extreme detail and depiction of the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle and Hawaii’s indigenous marine life.

Located within the King’s Shops, visitors can enjoy shopping on every level from fine art, designer clothing, outdoor gear, complemented by culinary delights. The King’s Shops also supports visitors with weekly events such as their Farmers Market, beginner Ukulele Lessons, and a free guided ancient Hawaiian petroglyph trail.


King’s Shops
69-250 Waikoloa Beach Dr. Suite J105
Waikoloa Village, HI 96738

9:30 am–9:30 pm daily

(808) 886-4240
Facebook Page

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