Visit Anaehoomalu Bay Beach (A-Bay)

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Anaehoomalu Bay Beach Overview

Commonly known as “A-Bay” Anaehoomalu Bay Beach is a great location for families to swim and play in the water. The long crescent-shaped beach is a mixture of salt and pepper sand, protected by a generous reef that calms the waters within.

People Playing in the water and paddle boarding on Anaehoomalu Beach

This is a picture-perfect sandy beach with classic palm trees dotted along its sandy shores and is well known for its stunning sunsets. A day spent at A-Bay means beach chairs, palm trees, and gentle ocean breezes.

The beach is located in front of the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort, however, there is a large public parking lot and beach entrance just South of the resort. Turn off of Waikoloa Beach Drive between the Marriott and the Queen’s Marketplace to access it.

Sea Kayaks for rent on Anaehoomalu Beach

Water Activities and Anaehoomalu Beach Rentals

The water at Anaehoomalu Bay is typically calm and great for water activities. The northern side of the bay provides some good snorkeling and scuba diving. Hawaii Ocean Sports operates an equipment shack on this beautiful beach and rents a great variety of beach toys and larger equipment like paddle boards, kayaks, canoes and hydro bikes to beachgoers. This is a great opportunity to try out these sports without having to haul the equipment yourself.

Ocean Sport's Beach Shack on Anaehoomalu Beach

They can also book you an outrigger canoe ride or a variety of different boat cruises at the Ocean Sports beach shack. The Waikoloa Canoe Club paddles out of this bay so you may see some of the teams practicing if you spend the day here. They love to share their knowledge about Hawaii’s state sport with guests and will gladly introduce you to this classic Polynesian sport with either a leisure canoe ride or an exciting race (by appointment).

Waikoloa Canoe Club Practicing at Anaehoomalu Bay

Historic Fish Ponds and Trail at A-Bay

The historic fish ponds next to the bay are an interesting part of the area’s history and are great for exploring. There are several historic points and signs to check out along the walkway. The two ancient Hawaiian fishponds, are named Ku’uali’i and Kahapapa with the Ku’uali’i being the larger of the two. The ponds were solely used by Hawaiian royals to raise mullet and other small fish, hence the name, Anaeho’omalu, translates into “restricted mullet” in the Hawaiian. Swimming or fishing in the ponds is not allowed.

During sunset, this setting is a photographers’ photo heaven, with the ponds reflecting the sunset skies’ rich pinks, blues and greens. The classic palm tree lined beach, boats resting in the bay, and incredible sunsets make this one of the most photographed beaches on the Island of Hawaii.

Beautiful Sunset over Anaehoomalu Bay Beach

If the adventurer in you is calling, explore the nearby King’s Trail, which tours you through historical sites and ancient Hawaiian lava rock carvings of the Puako Petroglyph Archaeological District and the Waikoloa Petroglyph Reserve. Plaques offering interesting factoids on ancient Hawaiian history and culture make your hike educational.

Beach South of Anaehoomalu Bay

Nearby Lava Lava Beach Club

Finally, if all of this activity has worked up an appetite, Lava Lava Beach Club is a short walk down the shore. They have a casual toes-in-the-sand area right on the water that means you won’t even miss a minute of beach time.

Lava Lava Beach Club Restaurant at Anaehoomalu Bay

Beach Amenities

Changing Area
Activities shack with beach rentals
Nearby restaurant
Large parking area near the beach

Restrooms at Anaehoomalu Beach

Showers at Anaehoomalu Beach

Parking, Directions and Map to Anaehoomalu Bay Beach

From Kona take Highway 19 north toward the Kohala resort area. Make a left turn at the first Waikoloa Beach Resort entrance (near mile marker 76). Turn left again off Waikoloa Beach Drive at the intersection across from Kings’ Shops. Beach parking is available at the end of Ku’uali’i Place road.

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