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2018 CLOSURE: Hale Moana Bed and Breakfast was destroyed by the lava and is closed.

The Puna Region of the Big Island experienced extreme volcanic activity which has affected many area establishments, this business is now gone. Here are some other Puna Vacation Rentals & B&B Options.

Pre 2018 Eruption Description

Hale Moana Bed and Breakfast celebrates the most fantastic elements of Hawaii, and much more. The lovely bed and breakfast is located just 30 minutes from the international airport in Hilo, meaning you’ll be at your wonderful home away from home in no time at all.

But the airport isn’t the only thing that’s nearby. Just 30 minutes away you have the iconic Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which provides a marvelous day out for anyone. Plus, there are a myriad of great things just a few minutes away, such as the center of Pahoa, the hot volcanic springs which you can swim in at Ahalanui Park and Kehena beach.

When it comes to the location of the Hale Moana Bed and Breakfast, it is genuinely amazing. First of all, it’s situated within a tropical botanical garden, which enables you to take in natural Hawaii at it’s best every day. Not only is this environment relaxing and peaceful, meaning you can unwind and leave your stresses behind, it’s also advantageous when it comes to the free gourmet breakfast. What we mean by this, is that items of the breakfast are sourced from the botanical garden itself, such as delicious fruit and avocados. You can’t get ingredients much fresher than that!

You’ll truly have a blissful night’s sleep at Hale Moana Bed and Breakfast. Furthermore, the guestrooms are comprised of three distinct suites – the living area, kitchenette and a studio, with well-kept, immaculate bathrooms. And to complement your stay, you’ll have access to a whole host of amazing amenities. These include free Wifi, a laundry facility, BBQ grill, parking and snorkels for the local tide pools. Also, you’ll get tons of help when it comes to planning your days out, and a local’s insight into the surrounding area. At this bed and breakfast, you can truly soak up the Aloha spirit!

Private and beautiful suites and rooms
Easy access to natural attractions
Surrounded by two acres of botanical gardens and fruit orchards
In-suite massage, Private tours, Laundry
Wireless Internet, TV/cable
Beach Equipment & Hiking Gear included
English and German language hosts


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