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Nui Pohaku Adventure Tours is a true reflection of the aloha spirit, and their passion, love and appreciation for the Big Island of Hawaii will provide you with an unforgettable experience. It’s a family-run business, so they take pride in every tour that they host, as well as take care of the environment. They operate from a completely solar-powered office, and some of the proceeds from each tour is donated to the Hawaii Food Bank. You can rest assured that you’ll have an amazing tour with a trained, caring, fun and energetic guide.

Company Description
With a zero-footprint office space and a continued commitment to the health and well-being of the Hawaiian ecosystem, Nui Pohaku Adventure Tours makes every effort to ensure your tour is exciting, friendly, and without impact on what makes Hawaii special.

Tour Descriptions

Tour Times, Descriptions and Pricing were current when posted but are subject to change.
Tour Pricing ranges from $139-$239

Kilauea Volcano Bike Adventure
Under the lovely sun, and surrounded by plenty of scenery, you’ll have a great time cycling around one of the most active volcanoes in the world for 4 hours. The tour also includes a plethora of small hikes, where you’ll be able to see a lava tube and exploring craters.

Kilauea Volcano Bike & Lava Combo
If you’re up for more exploring, and want more than just a bike ride around the volcano, then why not add in a lava trip? The whole tour lasts for 8 hours, and that includes a wonderful bike ride through the rainforest, and then a visit to the Puna District, which is famous for glowing lava trails.

Kilauea Volcano & Sunset Lava Walk
Maybe you’d prefer to stroll around the Volcanoes National Park and Puna District instead, so you can absorb the information from the guide, as well as the views. With this tour, you’ll walk through the vibrant rainforest, around the volcano rim, and then head to the active side of the volcano in Puna.

Kilauea After Dark
At night, the volcano really comes alive with the glow of the lava. Enjoy lunch at the Punalu’u Bakery, a stroll along Punalu’u Black Sand Beach where you’ll find green sea turtles, and a hike along the volcano rim which is full of wildlife. After a scrumptious dinner, your guide will show you the amazing volcano at night, as well as other views.

Rainforest Zipline & Waterfall Adventure
Imagine the memories that a zipline tour in a Hawaiian rainforest would create! You’ll receive a tremendous 8-stage zip line course, which will showcase wonderful streams, waterfalls, and wildlife. You’ll then walk through the renowned World Botanical Gardens, and finish with a dual-zipline race above a 300-foot gorge, and a 250-foot mesmerizing waterfall.

13-647 Pohoiki Rd
Pāhoa, HI 96778

(808) 937-0644

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