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August 2018 – Unfortunately this restaurant has CLOSED. If you are still in the mood for Sushi in this area try:
Shiono Japanese Restaurant

Monstera, one of the coolest sushi restaurants on the Big Island of Hawaii, offers up great food, amazing service, and a wonderful atmosphere. Serving up unique and innovative dishes such as Japanese noodles and sizzling platters, in addition to various types of delicious sushi, Monstera is in a class above the rest.

Known for it’s hip and casual atmosphere, Monstera is named after a non-native plant that is found in Hawaii known to locals as the Monstera leaf. Located in the Shops at Mauna Lani, the decor of Monstera is incredible, with soft lighting and al fresco dining options, locals and visitors alike enjoy frequenting the hip restaurant for a drink or two as well as a spectacular meal.

With crocodile-print booths and sushi bar, there is no doubt that Monstera is a fun and interesting restaurant to visit. Receiving the Zagal award in 2011, some of the culinary specialties of the establishment include the tako salad, poke maki, and uni dish with quail eggs. With undeniable fresh ingredients found in each dish and perfect presentation each and every time, there is no doubt that Chef Norio creates amazingly delicious Japanese cuisine at Monstera!

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